you can smell someone peeling an orange from literally 40 miles away


sirius playing ‘chase harry’ as padfoot

sirius playing peekaboo with baby harry with the invisibility cloak

sirius looking after harry when lily and james are tired from a mission

sirius taking harry everywhere he can before the potters go into hiding because he loves his godson so much

sirius complaining when anyone touches his hair apart from harry who can tug it all he likes and propably even chew it i mean one year olds?

sirius wanting to take harry on his motorbike until even james has to stop him because ‘ffs padfoot it’s dangerous’ while marleen cackles with laughter

sirius chasing his own tail for harry’s amusement

sirius finding harry alive when he thought he’d lost everything

sirius saying ‘let me take him hagrid, i’m his godfather’ when everyone knew he could never have managed by himself

sirius losing harry again

sirius saying ‘when all this is over we’ll be a proper family’

sirius’ last sight being harry

sirius being harry’s godfather and always being harry’s godfather